Out of Melancholy




I was drowning

in a sea

– confused, hopeless and helpless.


A vision of mine

couldn’t trace anything


darkness, bleakness and gloominess.


Helplessly demanding light

all day and all night

yet still

no light in my sight.


It was unilluminated

to an extent

that I thought

my soul was dead.


Then I stopped

fighting the wave

with no hope

to find the light I crave.



of what had happened

and of what was happening

but all I saw then was a ray of light.


Laying on the sand that felt like bed

still alive and felt glad

the wave must’ve dragged me there

to finally show me the light that people share.


Since then I realized

it wasn’t just about striving towards the light

rather it was about having faith

in the Giver of the sight.



Written by yours truly,