Dare To Be Different Camp

Happiness and excitement flowed into my blood when I received a WhatsApp notification informing me that I was accepted to be one of the Dare To Be Different Camp’s participants. Joining a camp was one of my major plans for the first term’s holiday. It was a 3-days-and-2-nights-camp, conducted by the youth team of Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque, who calls themselves ‘Ibadurrahman, which started on the 19th March 2016 and ended on the 21st. It took place at a very mesmerizing and calming place, where nature covered most of it and peace was the exact word to describe it – Tasek Merimbun. Continue reading


Time Killers

“I’m feeling so bored! I don’t know what I should do right now.” Confessed a student who’s currently having a two-weeks-holiday.

Without a doubt, boredom does sometime strike us during our free time – when we have nothing to do. Well, that’s normal. Humans tend to get bored. Unless you’re an alien. So how do we overcome this phenomenon? Just chill and wait for tantalising things to come? That’s not going to happen. We ultimately require an effort to achieve the things we really aim for. In this case, we’re attempting to ditch our so-called-enemy, named boredom. Continue reading

Shutter’s New Exposure

It all began when I sent a direct message on Instagram to one of Brunei Darussalam’s gifted people, Wiqa Halim. The only ulterior motive at that time was to ask for her help to give my brand – Ultimet – a shout out. She gave green light to do so and plus she even suggested me to capture herself holding the first product of Ultimet, named Ultra-bold Clutch, so that she could post the photographs on her Instagram account. What I had on my mind was… A collaboration? A photoshoot? One word to say, splendid! I could only respond to her suggestion with a super enormous YES! Who would ever refuse to do a photoshoot with a founder of Kreashen By Wiqa, right? Continue reading

The Gap Between Youth And Young

Here is a plain question, “Who are considered as youth?

Theory says that youth is a group of people ranging from age 17 to 40. Do you agree? I basically don’t. It is due to the fact that the word youth isn’t based on the matter of age, but rather on the matter of soul. Youth are the ones who have enthusiasm and action on doing serious matters and responsibilities. The ones who have intellectual maturity to go forward in life and the ones who bring benefits to the country. Those are considered as youth. Continue reading

Dome Of Islam

The dome was magnificently painted with the most luxurious colour – gold. The sunlight had made the dome astonishingly glittered like genuine crystals. Decorating the dome, was the enormous sky with white-coloured cotton candy floating everywhere. Tourists got thrilled to the spectacular scenery of the mosque. Their cameras were always releasing its shutter, doing its major job to capture every moment spent. A soothing and marvellous Azan could then be heard, indicating the time for Zuhr prayer. Muslim people could be seen walking from the main gate of the mosque. Others were putting off their shoes and sandals, and were then entering it calmly. Continue reading

Calendar Updated

“What? Is it 2016 already? Time is ticking so fast!” Expressed the seventeen-year-old Muslim guy in awe.

Time sprinted so fast, that a month seemed such a week and a week seemed such a day. It is quite unbelievable that 2015 had just come to a finish two days ago. It feels like we just began the year six months ago. Despite of how 2015 had sprinted at a very high speed, a new year shows up and it is time for a brand new calendar. Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah for the new year. Continue reading

PBH3 – Purpose of Life

Peace be upon you, my beloved brothers and sisters.

Guess who’s back, back again in the blogging world! Truth to be told, I miss blogging, and not to forget my humble readers. Yes, I do miss all of you. I hope each and every one of you feel the same and are in a good condition. Thus, welcome to Humble Scents!

As stated in my last blog post, I was on a Soul’s Vacation, which had just ended not long ago – Monday, 7th December 2015. To be exact, let me just simply call it PBH3. Continue reading