The Eid Chronicle

The six-hour sleep had resulted in myself feeling blissfully refreshed once my eyes began to observe the light that was coming in through the window and filtered by the black-and-white checked curtains. It was Eid al-Fitr and I gratefully greeted myself with the mandatory Syawal greeting – Happy Eid Mubarak – while my face was still in the just-wake-up mode.



It took me quite a while to dress up and get ready for the voluntary ritual during the first day of Syawal – Eid al-Fitr prayer – and not to neglect for the whole festive day. I knew that it was one of the special occasions of the year where looking presentable, appropriate and moderately fashionable was somehow a must. Indeed, it is a sunnah to wear the best outfit on the first day of Syawal – the day where Muslim people celebrate their victory. Thus I covered myself with the traditional Cara Melayu and completed the look with the star of the outfit – sinjang – and accessorised myself with the black songkok. Wrapping my left wrist was the brand new Casio watch that I purchased from ZALORA Malaysia.


“Dear Cara Melayu, I think I’ve fallen in love with you.”




“Dear ZALORA Malaysia, thank you for helping me find such a unique pair of shoes.”

My mom as the stylist of the family opted for green hue for the outfit theme on the first day of Syawal this year. Personally, it was a brilliant choice as green is somehow related to Eid al-Fitr – green packets, ketupat and lemang. Kudos to my mom for being my all-time-favourite stylist. She undoubtedly knows what’s best!


Tackling the first day of Syawal, it was so calm. It was neither cold nor hot but just warm. It was so soothing and comforting to hear the takbeer, lead by the imam. It was around 7 o’clock that my dad and I arrived at the masjid. As per usual, the masjid was packed and crowded with Muslim people whose main intention was to perform the Eid al-Fitr prayer. That is one of the many matters that I love about the festivity – it ultimately gathers the Muslim people.


Once the prayer had been performed and the sermon had been beautifully delivered, the Muslims drew a smile on their faces and spread the good vibes while shaking hands – symbolising the major intention to seek forgiveness and to greet and congratulate one another regarding the festivity. That’s another matter that I like about Syawal – it creates the bond between the Muslim people regardless of the worldly matters.


Inevitably, Eid al-Fitr is somehow equivalent to creating and strengthening the bond and visiting the family relatives and the acquaintances. Hence on the first day of Syawal, my family and I visited my grandparents from both my dad’s side and mom’s as well. It was absolutely amazing and magnificent to have all of the big family members under one roof on such a blessed day. The day was filled with happiness, laughter, bliss and the list of positive and pleasant things goes on. The presence of long-time-no-see relatives on that day led to a catch-up session, and the colourful and eye-catching outfits demanded a so-called photo shoot here and there. That was the time when everyone seemed to be the best photographers and models in town. Not to neglect, despite of my age that shall be turning 18 this year, my pocket was also filled with green packets! From all the tantalising blings and things during the Eid al-Fitr, I need to say that I admire the notion of Bruneians whose perspective on this festivity is to grab the chance to practicing a lot of good manners and advantageous things.


Admittedly, this year’s Syawal was not as fancy and as extravagantly fantastic as the past years. Calm, moderate and bliss perhaps best describe the atmosphere of this year’s Eid al-Fitr. Even so, happiness and gratitude still bloomed in the soul of mine due to the presence of myriad lessons in both months – Ramadhan and Syawal. One of the many vital lessons is that the month of Syawal allows us to strengthen the bond and to always have time for the treasured and beloved ones whilst reminding ourselves to consistently be blessed and grateful for all the things that Allah lend us in the worldly life.



After all, it is not about the brand new things or stuffs we have for Eid al-Fitr, rather it is about the aspect of our renewed soul and refreshed intention that we had striven for during the holy month of Ramadhan. Syawal is the new chapter of life. Thus we shall strive to not spoil anything especially on the very first few pages of the chapter.


Last but not least, I – as the one who runs and manages all things related to Humble Scents – would like to apologise and seek forgiveness on all my wrongdoings from the commencement of this platform. Thank you for being one of the Humble Folks! May the Almighty sprinkle your life with His infinite blessings. Happy Eid al-Fitr!

How was your first day of Syawal, Humble Folks?

Kindly share it in the comment section! I would like to know.

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Photographed By: Anis Hazimah
Processed/Edited By: Shakeeb Suhib
All photographs are copyright of Humble Scents. Permission must be obtained before any usage is made outside of this platform – Humble Scents.


Fashion Staircase

2016 has been an adventurous year so far, with a truck load of ups and downs. Taking risks and attempting new notions are always on the list. Those include the matter of fashion, which is beyond my forte at all.

Believe it or not, I can disguise myself as a fashionista, after a fashion. Sometimes I might be a fashion victim. Yet never did I happen to be a fashion statement. I am not a person who is willing to wear unusual outfits to be a centre of attraction, just yet. Wrong intention detected. Don’t fret, that is not even my ultra-plan when it comes to the fashion industry.

Fashion, in my so-called dictionary, is what makes me feel cosy and most importantly confident with what I wear. It is not a subject that causes my self-esteem to drastically drop and rapidly vanish.

Added to that, I recently have a passion for Muslim wear and modest fashion, thus resulting in myself wearing black Kurta during my first portraiture session or photo shoot. Admittedly, Kurta, Thobes and perhaps Cara Melayu are always seen as outfits for certain occasions only, like Islamic talks. Even so that doesn’t stop me from wearing it during the photo shoot and plus during a hang-out session with my awesome folks. I wasn’t kidding at all. I rushed to the centre of ‘worldly heavens’ right after the photo shoot without changing my outfit. I guess I had found the key to unlock the fashion door – confidence.

Hence, for the first entry in the fashion section of Humble Scents, let’s have a look at the magnificent photographs below, captured by one of the talented and passionate people in the Kingdom of unexpected treasures – Izzy Osman. Check out his website here.

The staircase is so high,

And I’m just in the beginning,

The fashion will never die,

And I know what I’m donning.

Captured by: Izzy Osman

Edited by: Shakeeb Suhib

Did I manage to pull it off?

Kindly give your comments and expect more Muslim modest wear

in the fashion section, dear Humble Folks!

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Casual Snapshots

Weekend is always exciting! I’ve always been waiting for it every single week. Who does not like weekend though? For some earthlings, it is for spending quality time with family and beloved ones, while for other ones, it is for leisure. Personally, my weekend is always for the latter, as it is the time for me to enjoy my not-so-interesting life to the fullest by doing the things I love, that’s what I consider as leisure.

Let us get straight to the point now. This weekend, I had been working with a very talented photographer. The location was at the Jame’ ‘Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque, which is such a truly magnificent architecture in Brunei Darussalam. I shall not talk a lot about it, as I plan to write one particular entry for that project. Hence, a new section will be up on Humble Scents – Fashion!

After the photo shoot, I casually took some photographs which can be considered as ‘Instagram-worthy’. It was really pleasant to have taken quite good-quality photographs using just a mobile phone. Frankly, this entry might not be supremely beneficial, but I hope you – humble readers – will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing this particular entry and capturing the photographs. May the Almighty shower your lives with positive vibes and happiness!

What did you do this weekend, humble folks?

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Tuneful Material

A sudden rejoicing was present in my soul when a friend of mine gave me Yuna Zarai’s album – Material – as a present. Frankly speaking, I am not a music aficionado but when it comes to this Malaysian singer-songwriter based in New York named Yuna Zarai, I will surely listen to her music. It is due to the fact that I like her unique voice, tone, genre and most vitally her personality! I adore how confident she is with her opinion, belief and how creative she is. I may seem biased, but what-so-ever, I really look up to her as one of my inspirations.

Tuneful Material  (3)Tuneful Material  (4)

To tackle the matter of the album, it consists of seven songs – Material, Lautan, Bicara, Sayang, Langit, Lelaki and Dan Sebenarnya – which were all written in Malay language except for the Langit (a bilingual song). Some of the songs are really pleasant to my ears and not to neglect to my soul, and some of it are not listed on my favourites, unfortunately.

Tuneful Material  (7)Tuneful Material  (6)Tuneful Material  (5)

I had been listening to the songs for times and my all-time favourites are Langit, Dan Sebenarnya and Lelaki. The songs are just magnificently written, composed and arranged! Why do I pick those songs as my favourites, you might ask?

Firstly, I love Langit because of its lyrics. The lyrics are just so phenomenal, meaningful and inspiring. From my perspective, the song inspires us to chase our dreams, and no matter how difficult it is, we just have to believe in ourselves. From the title song itself – Langit – which is sky when translated in English language, it reminds me of ‘the sky’s the limit’. Nothing will stop us from chasing our dreams. The music and melody both compliment the lyrics, together with the flawless voice of Yuna Zarai, which creates an amazing ambience.

To the next favourite song of mine from the Material album – Dan Sebenarnya. I find this song quite catchy and the music is just so on point! I love how Yuna Zarai wrote the lyrics and how she came up with such words that are just enough to express the feeling through the song. In my opinion, this song is entirely suitable for those who are having a crush on someone, like the one who is currently typing this particular blog entry. Alright personal life aside. I think Yuna Zarai had a crush on someone while writing this song. Maybe on Shakeeb Suhib? What a big dream in such a small body my dear Shakeeb. Overall, it is indeed a melodious song!

The last one is Lelaki. This song is actually dedicated to all men out there, including me (although I am not considered as men yet due to my age). The reason I like this song is because of its creativity behind the music. I like the notion of injecting the radio-sound-like into the introduction of the song. Yuna Zarai even added a French phrase (if I am not mistaken because I did not do research on that and plus it sounds like French language) to the song which is a bonus point. Isn’t she a very creative singer-songwriter? Ultimately she is! In addition, the music arrangement is superb and its chorus is dominantly catchy. It keeps on playing around my mind right now.

In addition, the music industry is getting bigger day by day and I hope that this one inspiring and creative girl will produce more good music in the future. I wish you a very good luck with your career and life, Yuna Zarai! If you ever read this (which is almost impossible). Anyway, do you have specific favourites when it comes to music, my dear humble readers? If you do, please share it with me in the comment down below! I would like to know! Spot the rhyme?


Until next time,


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Time Killers

“I’m feeling so bored! I don’t know what I should do right now.” Confessed a student who’s currently having a two-weeks-holiday.

Without a doubt, boredom does sometime strike us during our free time – when we have nothing to do. Well, that’s normal. Humans tend to get bored. Unless you’re an alien. So how do we overcome this phenomenon? Just chill and wait for tantalising things to come? That’s not going to happen. We ultimately require an effort to achieve the things we really aim for. In this case, we’re attempting to ditch our so-called-enemy, named boredom.

The solution to that doubt is to always make ourselves busy with positive and productive activities. So what are those activities? Here are 5 time killers you can do anywhere, even at your home-sweet-home.

#1 Reading

Do you know that reading is the most therapeutic activity? Yes, indeed it is! Ask any bookworm you know, he/she will surely say so. This can be reading the holy Quran, books, newspapers, magazines, blog entries or perhaps motivational and inspiring tweets or captions on Twitter and Instagram. Regardless of what reading material it is, make sure you can gain good things out of it. Don’t you dare to tell me that you’re glad reading gossips.


The books that I’m planning to read during this holiday

#2 DIY

“What is DIY?” Questioned the one who lived his/her whole life under the cave and just got out of it. Jokes aside. I’m sure you know what it is. If you don’t, it means ‘do it yourself’. DIY will definitely kill your free time and not to forget it will excite you once you’ve come to the aftermath of the activity. You may try crafting and baking or anything else. Afterall just don’t hesitate to ask Mr. Google and Mr. Youtube regarding this matter. They’ll help you out to find the simplest DIY activity you can do at home.


Latest DIY product that I crafted for Ultimet

#3 Writing

It is my firm belief that everyone can write. So why don’t you try to write any sort of writings? For instance, writing a journal or diary (which is really enjoyable I can assure), a story, an essay, a poetry or poem, or maybe a blog entry (if you own a blog). Vital reminder: Don’t ever get discouraged if you feel that your writing is not that pleasant. Just constantly keep on writing. Bear in mind, practice makes perfect. Do check Heartwrite’s blog or Instagram to gain more knowledge about writing.

#4 Photography/Videography

Either you own a proper camera or not, you have to try this out! I’m sure you own a mobile phone with a tiny beautiful lens at the back of it, right? So why don’t you try capturing photographs or recording videos? Added to that, this doesn’t just mean that you ought to be the photographer/videographer, you can as well be the model! Trust me, this can be so amazing! You might unleash a hidden talent in your fresh soul! Do it with your friends or family relatives. Share the excitement with them. Afterall, you will tremendously enjoy the whole process of photography or videography!


My first film camera that I bought from ebay

Some photographs from the latest photo shoot session captured by my treasured mom

#5 Sport

It is one of the activities that makes you active day by day, if you keep on doing it. Commence with doing the sport activity you like the most. It can encourage you to practice it in your daily life while in this case, it can kill your free time. Basically you may do it at any time and any where, indoor or outdoor, but don’t you tell me that you’re going to have a jog outdoor, when the sun is at its highest. That’s just insane. You might end up collapsing instead of jogging.

Thus, if you’re smelling the boredom smell, try out one of these time killers! Furthermore do enjoy your life to the fullest being positively busy and do always manage your time wisely and don’t ever waste it.

What is your favourite activity during your boredom? Share it with Humble Scents!



Shakeeb S.

Shutter’s New Exposure

It all began when I sent a direct message on Instagram to one of Brunei Darussalam’s gifted people, Wiqa Halim. The only ulterior motive at that time was to ask for her help to give my brand – Ultimet – a shout out. She gave green light to do so and plus she even suggested me to capture herself holding the first product of Ultimet, named Ultra-bold Clutch, so that she could post the photographs on her Instagram account. What I had on my mind was… A collaboration? A photoshoot? One word to say, splendid! I could only respond to her suggestion with a super enormous YES! Who would ever refuse to do a photoshoot with a founder of Kreashen By Wiqa, right?

At first, it was such a nerve-racking matter. Days before the photoshoot, I could not stop thinking of how I should be doing it, as it was my first exposure to this thing. A lot of researches was done with the help of expensive photoshoot-related books. Jokes aside. I only made use of Google to do all those researches.

Tick tock tick tock. The day I had been thinking of a lot came. My adrenaline drastically blossomed. Gratefully, Wiqa was really friendly and easy to communicate with, hence calming myself down and decreasing my level of nervousness. Unexpectedly, we talked quite a lot during the photoshoot – regarding business, life and so on.

The mini photoshoot took place at Bandar Seri Begawan, and it started around four in the afternoon. It was such a scorching hot day with clouds hanging in the blue sky (I was glad that I applied sunscreen on my skin). All praise is due to Allah, the photoshoot went very well.

I am now really glad that I took the opportunity to do a mini photoshoot with her. After all, I can say that getting into the photography industry is not an easy-as-pie matter. It needs a lot of efforts, dedication, practices, exposures and of course a deep passion.

Not to forget, I would like to thank Wiqa Halim for making it happened. It was definitely nice working with her! She is such a magnanimous person. Thus, after a long period of time archiving the photographs, here is the aftermath of the photoshoot! The photographs posted here are my favourites from the occasion. Please do me a favour to give any comments – positive or constructive ones – regarding the photographs!

Ultimet's Portfolio 8




PS. If any of you are interested to do a photoshoot or a collaboration with me, or perhaps if you have any inquiries or doubts, just head over to the Contact page of Humble Scents for further details.



Until next time,

Shakeeb S.

Dome Of Islam

The dome was magnificently painted with the most luxurious colour – gold. The sunlight had made the dome astonishingly glittered like genuine crystals. Decorating the dome, was the enormous sky with white-coloured cotton candy floating everywhere. Tourists got thrilled to the spectacular scenery of the mosque. Their cameras were always releasing its shutter, doing its major job to capture every moment spent. A soothing and marvellous Azan could then be heard, indicating the time for Zuhr prayer. Muslim people could be seen walking from the main gate of the mosque. Others were putting off their shoes and sandals, and were then entering it calmly.

The Zuhr prayer had been performed. Du’a had been recited. My heart was at its calmest. The level of calmness was even higher than Mount Everest. No thing can ever beat the magical power of Solah.

The soul of mine was so refreshed. I felt like a cup of freshly brewed coffee. I then had a feeling to explore and capture random things in the beautiful town that owns so many treasures – Bandar Seri Begawan. After a couple of minutes, my heart messaged me that I should be capturing photographs. All of a sudden, my mind kept on saying “Dome Of Islam”. What an interesting idea! I ought to capture the magnificence of the mosque. I didn’t have a lot of mosque photographs at that time. One word to say – perfect. That was how this minute project happened. Despite of how unpleasant I am to capture photographs, I still tried my very best to capture the most precise photographs on that particular day.

Months passed and the person behind Humble Scents had just got the perfect time to finish this up. Praises be all to Allah, this blog post can now be shared to every one of the humble readers. Not to forget, for the first entry of the “Dome Of Islam”, Humble Scents features one of the most eye-catching mosques in a kingdom of unexpected treasures – Sultan Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Mosque.





Until next time,

Shakeeb S.



Commencement of Humble Scents!

Woots woots! A brand new blog registered on WordPress!

First things first, praises be all to Allah for this opportunity. Also, exceptional thanks to the ones who gave me a great deal of encouragement to creating a blog. You know who you are.

No one can ever doubt that 2015 has been a vast comeback year for most matters – fashion, style, photography, and not to forget, the world of blogging! So I wouldn’t want to miss the chance to be on the same track as others. I’m not uttering that I want to be a super-perfect copycat. It’s just the fact that I don’t want to be categorized as the ‘ketinggalan zaman’ ones, as quoted by most Bruneians.

To tackle about the world of blogging, I started to blog when I was in my 156th month of living. If you do the maths, that was about years ago. I wasn’t a great blogger, nor good, back then. And now, here it is, Humble Scents makes its existence! Someone is tremendously ecstatic! And for sure that someone is the one who is typing right now, just to finish the first ultimate blog post of Humble Scents.

I bet some of you (humble readers) want an insignificant ice-breaking session of Humble Scents, don’t you? And… Tadaaa! Here you go!


Blog Domain

The So-Called-Blogger’s Name

Shakeeb Suhib

His Age

As of December 1, 2038, he will be turning 40 years old.

His Job/Work

He is a student in a pre-university, running Ultimet and pretending to be a stunning blogger. And he is undoubtedly a great failure in fashion. His full-time job is being a servant of the Almighty.


I think that’s it for the ice-breaking session of your one humble blog, Humble Scents.

In addition to this blog post, I will release the ‘Dome Of Islam’ Series very soon. But first, enjoy the teasers!



That marked the commencement of Humble Scents! May the journey be as great as it could be and be blessed by Him.

Bucket of thanks for paying a visit dear humble readers! I really appreciate the humble support. Plus, feel free to browse through a visual journal of mine on Instagram and Twitter @shakeebsuhib.


P/S: Do look forward to the next post of Humble Scents! Tantalizing thing awaits you! Stay tuned!


Until next time,

Shakeeb S.