When I was in secondary school, I had this one friend who started blogging. It seemed exciting. So I created one. Or perhaps more than one to be exact. Why? I always stumbled along the way – not knowing how to manage and handle a blog wisely and the list of funny reasons goes on. Don’t let me begin with my writing back then; horrible and terrifying to the max! I swear you’ll cringe and vomit once you read a sentence.

Fast forward, it was during my first year of pre-university when I thought of commencing a proper blog. An online-kind-of-journal where I could document any sorts of stuffs. Wasn’t that a cool idea? It was on the last day of November 2015 when I first posted a blog entry here on my personal blog. Humble Scents had finally existed! Only God knew how tantalized and super dedicated I was. I was even resolute to post everyday (which never happened since motivation sometimes fades away and procrastination knocks on the door – I shouldn’t slam the door in his face, he’s my guest – jokes aside, guilty).

Tackling about Humble Scents, I initially wanted to utilize this space for writing about my religion, belief, so-called work and creative stuffs. Unfortunately that somehow didn’t work for me. I felt like holding back a bit too much. And worse, there would be that time when I had no idea about what to blog. And that led to a long hiatus… Or to be precise, I finally gave up on blogging (wiping off tears and negativity). How could that happen to a personal blogger? Come on, a personal blogger, man. I’m confused as you are.

Now I realize the main intention of creating this blog; to document my life (I know I’m just nobody but at least I can resort to this space for a flashback). From now on, I’ll blog a bit consistently about what I think is appropriate for this blog and of course about the matters I like. I will not filter my posts as much as I did before. It was a bit mundane I would say.

No more holding back. It’s time to spread my wings and see where this blog brings me.

I’m Shakeeb Suhib. A proud 18-year-old blogger of Humble Scents. And I have passion for all-things-creative. Plus I just start to fill some of my free time with board games. Not to forget, I’m my parents’ favourite son. If that even matters to you.






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