Unlocking The New Phase of Life

Oh. My. God. I extremely can’t believe that holidays are ending in less than 12 hours! I feel like it has just begun a month ago… Why does time fly so fast?

I can’t really tell if my holidays this time were so productive or the other way around. As much as I can recall, at least I did some beneficial things; like having a part-time job (which I disliked it thus I only sacrificed my energy and time at that supermarket – not going to mention the place but there’s the clue – for about 2 months LOL), doing a small business (because I quit my job and I was broke so that explains), taking part in some events, and developing my passions and hobbies – all those creative stuffs (photography, writing and handcraft to name a few). Not to neglect, I got to spend most of my time with my treasured family and friends! Oh I also killed time browsing through Instagram (I’m addicted to it now, please help me) and enjoying and laughing over YouTube videos – if those matters count…

After all, I enjoyed the holidays and it was probably the best one of all (well who doesn’t enjoy the 10-month holidays though). Unfortunately or fortunately, I have to bid farewell to it… Holidays, thank you for being in a relationship with me (why am I being so dramatic, cliche and cheesy now, LOL).

Alright, let me stop dwelling on the past and start looking forward to what the future has in store for me. Praises be to Allah, I’m able to secure a spot in a desirable and preferable field. I’m not really certain about my preparation to start off university tomorrow, but I’m sure the enthusiasm and eagerness to commence the new phase of life are burning within my soul. I will never let the negativity and my past drag me down (I was kind of screwed up during sixth-form and negativity overpowered me). This is probably my last chance to shine and ace everything. My soul demands positive vibes, burning spirit, optimism, inspiration and colourful endeavours.

I realised that opportunities kept on coming by, yet I always missed it back then. I tended to underestimate my own capabilities to a point that I couldn’t even believe in myself. How terrible and awful is that? I can’t express my gratitude enough to Him, for blessing me with supportive people – most vitally my parents, my family, my teachers (especially the ones who were there during my toughest time, you know who you are) and not to forget my friends. At least, negativity burnt (why do I keep on using the word burn today though) while lessons learnt.

Unlike my past experiences, I’m a bit nervous for this new phase… Perhaps I’m just anxious if I can’t exceed my own expectations and achieve my goals this time. After all, it now all depends on how well I confront and overcome the challenges, obstacles and hurdles along the journey. May Allah ease all of my undertakings. And yours too.

I’ll just end this now. I didn’t intend to write lengthy blog post. So last but not least, please make a lot of duas for me. And in shaa Allah I’ll do the same thing for you, my humble readers! Sending buckets of love to all of you!

Oh, best of luck as well to those pursuing their studies in university soon (if not tomorrow)!

Unlocking the new phase of life… Bismillah.


Until next time,

Shakeeb S.


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