The Greatest Gift

I’m really certain that I’m not a car enthusiast. I don’t know very much about cars. Even during my childhood, I always prefer colour pens and other craft supplies over car toys or miniature auto-mobiles… That said, don’t think of asking me for suggestions on opting for your new car. Definitely I can’t help. Perhaps this last resort might help; I shall just introduce you to the very smart buddy of mine – Google – who will cater to your needs… Lame jokes aside.

Tackling about cars, just recently, my parents were so sweet to buy me a brand new car. Am I excited? Yes and no. Of course I’m excited as one of the things on my wishlist has been ticked off! Then it comes the boring and kind of annoying part… I cringe all the time when I think of it. I haven’t got a driving license yet! How could my parents be so kind for buying me the car to an extent that they ‘forgot’ to make sure I get my driving license first? They probably knew about it but perhaps they were always deferring the matter over and over… Or perhaps I may have not proven them well enough that I have the guts to actually drive a car (without all the OMG moments). After all, I’m thankful for these gifts – both my treasured parents and the car.

I believe that they thought of buying me the car due to the fact that university is about to start (commencing in less than two weeks, I may not be fully ready and prepared – wiping off sweats), and they surely want me to be independent. And plus they’re getting older, so I will have to help them to drop off and pick up my younger sisters from school and et cetera. So it’s about my turn to do the job… Just wait for the driving license and I’ll be the best driver in the family (hopefully)! Goodbye to the sleep-in-the-car that always feels like laying in the clouds, playing gadgets and doing some last-minute memorization (l used to do that especially during my college time, because car was my favourite spot for memorizing – kidding – I just seemed to procrastinate sometimes, maybe most of the time).

Enough of all the blabbers. Straight to the point. Since I can’t legally drive yet, the first person to drive my very own new car was my grandfather whom I call Nini Laki. I was on board with him this morning. It was really nostalgic (it all reminded me of my childhood where he would bring my cousins and I to the Kadai Runcit). It’s been a while since he drove me home (I still remember the time he picked me up from the school). Honestly, we don’t get to talk and see each other everyday, as we don’t live under the same roof. Thankfully, today I got the precious chance and time to finally chat about random things with him and know him even better. And I would say my Nini Laki is the best and super grandfather in the world, not forgetting my other late grandfather (my father’s father if you may ask). Can you believe that he could drive a lorry? So impressive! I’m a proud grandchild! It’s really pleasant to have this kind of day. I wish I could spend all my remaining life with him, along with my other two grandmothers.

I may not have fully fulfilled my role as a member of my family. I may not be the most devoted son or grandson. I may not be the ideal family-person. But surely I’ll always remind myself to cherish the time and moments with my family, appreciate and love them to the fullest and never neglect them in the first place.

I realize I’m kind of carried away a bit, from the new car story to the family topic. I’m just inspired by the notion of gifts. Today was eye-opening. It shows me that the greatest gift we all ever receive will always be our family… In my case, the car is part of the family as well. And it’s becoming one of my favourites. Jokes aside!


Until next time,

Shakeeb S.


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