Last Chapter of College Life

Tick tock tick tock. The clock then struck half past ten in the morning and time was up. I put away my Pilot pen and put my stationeries together with my identity card into my pocket. It was time to turn off the exam mode. Thank God I had finished the exam and I survived the battle.

I left the exam hall with mixed feelings. I didn’t know how to react. Should I put a huge smile on my bare face or just a straight face as I usually do during school time or pretty much everyday. I’m no longer that happy-go-lucky guy like the old days at primary and secondary school. College changed me.

So today was probably my last day at college. Time flies so fast. I can’t even believe that it’s time to bid farewell. It feels like yesterday that I became a college student.

Once I told my treasured mom that I wanted to move to other sixth-form institution. It didn’t happen. Twice I did the same thing. And thrice, I did the same thing again and almost gave up with pretty much everything. I didn’t expect college to be challenging.

The last time I opted for moving to other institution was in March this year. That even broke my parents’ hearts as their first child gave up during his final year at college. To tell you the truth, I almost moved to another sixth-form institution. It was on that one bleak day, my parents and I met the deputy principal to settle about it. I cried shamelessly in front of her while explaining my weak reasons of leaving the college. Of course she wouldn’t let me move to another institution as I was a final-year student. She convinced me not to do so and gave some words of motivation and wisdom. Long story short, I was still studying there and made it until the end. Praise be to Allah.

It’s a lie if I say I love college life to the fullest. Yet I don’t hate it either. It’s just me who finds college some sort like a crazy roller-coaster ride. College was challenging and obstacles and hurdles were just everywhere. That’s one of the many reasons I wanted college to end as soon as possible. Yet it’s saddening to know that today was my last day being the official student of the college. I met a lot of positive people who keep radiating positivity here and there, and who share the same goals as mine. I got to learn from amazing teachers who are so supportive, kind and patient. I made a truck load of memories there, be it the pleasant ones or otherwise. I learnt a lot from the college life. Indeed it is an eye-opener. I’ll miss anything related with my college life.

I admit I don’t usually write personal stuffs on my blog but this is an exception. And this is super exceptional. College, you taught me many things, especially on life. I’m blessed and grateful to have chosen you, SMALHB, as my sixth-form institution. Praise be to Allah for letting me realize that life is not always constant. We ought to cross the rocky road to arrive at our destination.

And I now realize that Allah’s plans are better.





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