Ramadhan Boosters

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Peace be upon you, my beloved brothers and sisters.

First things first, praises be to Allah for the chance to be the guests of Ramadhan this year. It is indeed the holy month of taqweem Hijrah, which in this month we refrain ourselves from consuming food and drinks and as well as sexual desires from dawn until sunset. During this month, we also strive to practice as much as good deeds that will increase our imaan, taqwa and thawab, and will make us closer to the Almighty, while attempting to battle our nafs and avoid all the sinful behaviours – from the major matters to the minor ones.

Ramadhan is also a month when the Qur’an was sent down to the Earth. Not to forget, there is one night during Ramadhan that is better than a thousand months, called the Laylatul Qadr. It is indeed the ultimate goal of every Muslim whenever Ramadhan comes. May Allah grant all of us the Laylatul Qadr and make us amongst the muttaqin in both worlds – dunya and akhirah. Allahumma Aammeen.

Today’s the 21st day of Ramadhan for the Muslims in Brunei Darussalam. It is such a blessing to have breathed the air of Ramadhan. The first night of Ramadhan was so refreshing and peaceful. Taraweeh prayer was performed after the ‘Isha prayer with a huge number of Muslims in every Masjid, and then followed by Witr prayer and Tadarrus. What a beautiful commencement.

It is without a doubt that all of the Muslims are striving towards self-improvement and transformation be it in the matter of physical, mental or most importantly spiritual, especially during this holy month. Same goes to yours truly. Thus, here are five top Ramadhan boosters that can tremendously increase our quality of fasting and practising good deeds during this blessed month:

1 Read and understand the Qur’an daily 

The pages don’t matter much. As long as we read and understand the Qur’an more than we did before Ramadhan, that’s good enough. If we are opting for completing the 30 juzuk of the Qu’ran during this Ramadhan, let’s consistently read a minimum of four pages after every Obligatory prayers. In shaa Allah, by the end of Ramadhan, we’ll manage to complete it.

2 Attempt the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 

There is a truck-load of Sunnah that we can practise especially during this holy month. Some of it are beginning the Iftar by having dates, paying a charity frequently, eating Sahoor and the list goes on.

3 Less babbling, more Zikrullah 

Undoubtedly, we’re not allowed to talk such nonsense. From now on let’s strive to avoid doing sinful matters like cursing, backbiting and so on. It’s way better if we keep our focus on our ‘ibaadah and get closer to Him with Zikrullah. It’s time for us to stop all those sinful behaviours and substitute it with good deeds and manners. Remember, Allah’s supervising you.

4 Obligation is priority 

It is indeed encouraged to practice a lot of the Sunnah prayers – like Taraweeh, Dhuha, Witr, Tahajjud and so on – during Ramadhan. Even so, we must not neglect the Obligatory or the Fardhu prayers. Priority always comes first. There’s no such thing as performing the Taraweeh prayer while neglecting the Obligatory ones.

5 Eat moderately during Sahoor and Iftar 

One of the many reasons of the fasting during Ramadhan is that Allah wants us to know the feeling of the fuqaro’ who don’t have the wealth to even buy food for their lives. So it’s better if we sincerely experience and appreciate the time and moment that we have during this Ramadhan by being moderate and humble. Let’s not waste the rizq that Allah has given to all of us. Buy and eat the food and drinks that will only feed our souls for ‘ibaadah, and not for nafs.

Afterall, let’s all aspire to stop all those sinful behaviours, and not just to pause them. Indeed Ramadhan is the perfect time to better ourselves in every aspect of life, for both worlds – dunya and akhirah. Believe in ourselves that we can battle the nafs and continuosly practice good deeds, not just during Ramadhan. We shall spend most of our time worshipping the Almighty and practise all of these Ramadhan boosters sincerely.

Last but not least, the humble Shakeeb would like to ask for your forgiveness on all the mistakes and imperfections since the first exposure of this blog. May this holy month of Ramadhan be filled with barakah, rahmah, maghfirah, hidayah, light and all positive matters, and make us a better Muslim. May we be also given the best fruit of Ramadhan – Laylatul Qadr.

Do you have any Ramadhan boosters on the list, Humble Folks?

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Ramadhan Kareem,



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