Fashion Staircase

2016 has been an adventurous year so far, with a truck load of ups and downs. Taking risks and attempting new notions are always on the list. Those include the matter of fashion, which is beyond my forte at all.

Believe it or not, I can disguise myself as a fashionista, after a fashion. Sometimes I might be a fashion victim. Yet never did I happen to be a fashion statement. I am not a person who is willing to wear unusual outfits to be a centre of attraction, just yet. Wrong intention detected. Don’t fret, that is not even my ultra-plan when it comes to the fashion industry.

Fashion, in my so-called dictionary, is what makes me feel cosy and most importantly confident with what I wear. It is not a subject that causes my self-esteem to drastically drop and rapidly vanish.

Added to that, I recently have a passion for Muslim wear and modest fashion, thus resulting in myself wearing black Kurta during my first portraiture session or photo shoot. Admittedly, Kurta, Thobes and perhaps Cara Melayu are always seen as outfits for certain occasions only, like Islamic talks. Even so that doesn’t stop me from wearing it during the photo shoot and plus during a hang-out session with my awesome folks. I wasn’t kidding at all. I rushed to the centre of ‘worldly heavens’ right after the photo shoot without changing my outfit. I guess I had found the key to unlock the fashion door – confidence.

Hence, for the first entry in the fashion section of Humble Scents, let’s have a look at the magnificent photographs below, captured by one of the talented and passionate people in the Kingdom of unexpected treasures – Izzy Osman. Check out his website here.

The staircase is so high,

And I’m just in the beginning,

The fashion will never die,

And I know what I’m donning.

Captured by: Izzy Osman

Edited by: Shakeeb Suhib

Did I manage to pull it off?

Kindly give your comments and expect more Muslim modest wear

in the fashion section, dear Humble Folks!

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