Tuneful Material

A sudden rejoicing was present in my soul when a friend of mine gave me Yuna Zarai’s album – Material – as a present. Frankly speaking, I am not a music aficionado but when it comes to this Malaysian singer-songwriter based in New York named Yuna Zarai, I will surely listen to her music. It is due to the fact that I like her unique voice, tone, genre and most vitally her personality! I adore how confident she is with her opinion, belief and how creative she is. I may seem biased, but what-so-ever, I really look up to her as one of my inspirations.

Tuneful Material  (3)Tuneful Material  (4)

To tackle the matter of the album, it consists of seven songs – Material, Lautan, Bicara, Sayang, Langit, Lelaki and Dan Sebenarnya – which were all written in Malay language except for the Langit (a bilingual song). Some of the songs are really pleasant to my ears and not to neglect to my soul, and some of it are not listed on my favourites, unfortunately.

Tuneful Material  (7)Tuneful Material  (6)Tuneful Material  (5)

I had been listening to the songs for times and my all-time favourites are Langit, Dan Sebenarnya and Lelaki. The songs are just magnificently written, composed and arranged! Why do I pick those songs as my favourites, you might ask?

Firstly, I love Langit because of its lyrics. The lyrics are just so phenomenal, meaningful and inspiring. From my perspective, the song inspires us to chase our dreams, and no matter how difficult it is, we just have to believe in ourselves. From the title song itself – Langit – which is sky when translated in English language, it reminds me of ‘the sky’s the limit’. Nothing will stop us from chasing our dreams. The music and melody both compliment the lyrics, together with the flawless voice of Yuna Zarai, which creates an amazing ambience.

To the next favourite song of mine from the Material album – Dan Sebenarnya. I find this song quite catchy and the music is just so on point! I love how Yuna Zarai wrote the lyrics and how she came up with such words that are just enough to express the feeling through the song. In my opinion, this song is entirely suitable for those who are having a crush on someone, like the one who is currently typing this particular blog entry. Alright personal life aside. I think Yuna Zarai had a crush on someone while writing this song. Maybe on Shakeeb Suhib? What a big dream in such a small body my dear Shakeeb. Overall, it is indeed a melodious song!

The last one is Lelaki. This song is actually dedicated to all men out there, including me (although I am not considered as men yet due to my age). The reason I like this song is because of its creativity behind the music. I like the notion of injecting the radio-sound-like into the introduction of the song. Yuna Zarai even added a French phrase (if I am not mistaken because I did not do research on that and plus it sounds like French language) to the song which is a bonus point. Isn’t she a very creative singer-songwriter? Ultimately she is! In addition, the music arrangement is superb and its chorus is dominantly catchy. It keeps on playing around my mind right now.

In addition, the music industry is getting bigger day by day and I hope that this one inspiring and creative girl will produce more good music in the future. I wish you a very good luck with your career and life, Yuna Zarai! If you ever read this (which is almost impossible). Anyway, do you have specific favourites when it comes to music, my dear humble readers? If you do, please share it with me in the comment down below! I would like to know! Spot the rhyme?


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