Dare To Be Different Camp

Happiness and excitement flowed into my blood when I received a WhatsApp notification informing me that I was accepted to be one of the Dare To Be Different Camp’s participants. Joining a camp was one of my major plans for the first term’s holiday. It was a 3-days-and-2-nights-camp, conducted by the youth team of Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque, who calls themselves ‘Ibadurrahman, which started on the 19th March 2016 and ended on the 21st. It took place at a very mesmerizing and calming place, where nature covered most of it and peace was the exact word to describe it – Tasek Merimbun. Continue reading


Time Killers

“I’m feeling so bored! I don’t know what I should do right now.” Confessed a student who’s currently having a two-weeks-holiday.

Without a doubt, boredom does sometime strike us during our free time – when we have nothing to do. Well, that’s normal. Humans tend to get bored. Unless you’re an alien. So how do we overcome this phenomenon? Just chill and wait for tantalising things to come? That’s not going to happen. We ultimately require an effort to achieve the things we really aim for. In this case, we’re attempting to ditch our so-called-enemy, named boredom. Continue reading

Shutter’s New Exposure

It all began when I sent a direct message on Instagram to one of Brunei Darussalam’s gifted people, Wiqa Halim. The only ulterior motive at that time was to ask for her help to give my brand – Ultimet – a shout out. She gave green light to do so and plus she even suggested me to capture herself holding the first product of Ultimet, named Ultra-bold Clutch, so that she could post the photographs on her Instagram account. What I had on my mind was… A collaboration? A photoshoot? One word to say, splendid! I could only respond to her suggestion with a super enormous YES! Who would ever refuse to do a photoshoot with a founder of Kreashen By Wiqa, right? Continue reading