The Gap Between Youth And Young

Here is a plain question, “Who are considered as youth?

Theory says that youth is a group of people ranging from age 17 to 40. Do you agree? I basically don’t. It is due to the fact that the word youth isn’t based on the matter of age, but rather on the matter of soul. Youth are the ones who have enthusiasm and action on doing serious matters and responsibilities. The ones who have intellectual maturity to go forward in life and the ones who bring benefits to the country. Those are considered as youth.

On the other hand, the definition of young is more towards the physical states of a person, for instance the matter of age and physical appearance.

So the word youth doesn’t have limitation. It can be from the adult and even the the elderly people. As long as they are mentally and physically enthusiastic and optimistic to strive towards the light.

Hassan Al-Banna defined youth as the ones who have these four characteristics:

  1. Confidence
  2. Honesty
  3. Enthusiasm
  4. Action

Thus youth play a vital role for a country’s development. They are the ones who are responsible of contributing the country with fresh ideas and great effort. The future of the country depends on the youth. That has ultimately shown that youth are such priceless treasures of the country.

Here comes another doubt, “How can we produce such youth?

Most importantly, education needs to be a priority. When we tackle about education, it isn’t just about schools, impressive and astounding academic results, homework and assignments, but rather about feeding the soul with knowledge. The youth need to be educated, knowledgeable and intellectual in order to be able to think wisely and work excellently. Furthermore, they need to have positive mindsets. With education, they can contribute the country with fresh and new ideas. Not to forget, the youth ought to tremendously foster flexibility in all aspects, for instance in social interactions and as well as intellectual maturity.

Added to that, from a perspective of Islam, youth need to obey Allah and love the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). They should  live a lifestyle within the boundaries set by the holy Quran and Sunnah, despite of prioritizing education and other worldly matters. And plus they need to take every chances in dunya that can benefit them in the akhirah. Not to neglect, youth, from a perspective of Islam ought to also be capable of balancing the dunya and the akhirah. Those are the perfect Muslim youth.

As a conclusion, age isn’t a factor to categorize a person as youth, yet the soul is. Thus, we as the young people need to unconditionally attempt to be youth, because it is without a doubt that at this level of age, outstanding ideas and effort can simply be contributed and done. Why should we wait for the right time to change and improve ourselves, while the right time is always right now? The chances are overwhelming and are scattering everywhere, so it is up to us to either grab it, or regrettably miss it.

So now, the question to ponder upon is, “Are you considered as youth or just young?



Shakeeb S.

Dome Of Islam

The dome was magnificently painted with the most luxurious colour – gold. The sunlight had made the dome astonishingly glittered like genuine crystals. Decorating the dome, was the enormous sky with white-coloured cotton candy floating everywhere. Tourists got thrilled to the spectacular scenery of the mosque. Their cameras were always releasing its shutter, doing its major job to capture every moment spent. A soothing and marvellous Azan could then be heard, indicating the time for Zuhr prayer. Muslim people could be seen walking from the main gate of the mosque. Others were putting off their shoes and sandals, and were then entering it calmly.

The Zuhr prayer had been performed. Du’a had been recited. My heart was at its calmest. The level of calmness was even higher than Mount Everest. No thing can ever beat the magical power of Solah.

The soul of mine was so refreshed. I felt like a cup of freshly brewed coffee. I then had a feeling to explore and capture random things in the beautiful town that owns so many treasures – Bandar Seri Begawan. After a couple of minutes, my heart messaged me that I should be capturing photographs. All of a sudden, my mind kept on saying “Dome Of Islam”. What an interesting idea! I ought to capture the magnificence of the mosque. I didn’t have a lot of mosque photographs at that time. One word to say – perfect. That was how this minute project happened. Despite of how unpleasant I am to capture photographs, I still tried my very best to capture the most precise photographs on that particular day.

Months passed and the person behind Humble Scents had just got the perfect time to finish this up. Praises be all to Allah, this blog post can now be shared to every one of the humble readers. Not to forget, for the first entry of the “Dome Of Islam”, Humble Scents features one of the most eye-catching mosques in a kingdom of unexpected treasures – Sultan Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Mosque.





Until next time,

Shakeeb S.