Heartwrite Gathered Writers!

A notebook and a pen – these are the most significant necessities of every writer. Some writers may say and mention that their entire lives are going to be so dejected with the absence of these two stuffs. Undoubtedly, writers can’t just store their masterpieces in their creative minds, rather it is a must for them to express it through their writing.

For your information, I am an avid lover of notebooks. I like to write anything on the blank pages of my fancy notebooks, and not to neglect, I used to even doodle here and there on every page of it in my colourful childhood life back then. That was when boredom unexpectedly struck. Since then, my passion in writing has grown. I begin to be serious in writing. One of the proofs is what I do right now – blogging.

Dealing with the matter of writing, I took part in an enticing event organized by Heartwrite, known as Writers’ Jam! For the first time, Heartwrite had gathered writers based in Brunei Darussalam in one productive event! It was magnificently held on the 12th December 2015, at a very unique place called Makers Space in Batu Besurat. That place was really breathtaking!

The main objective of this event was to let writers share knowledge, information and even experiences about writing. Praises be all to the Almighty, as from the Writers’ Jam, I could meet local writers from different genres of writing – poem, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, journalism and so on. They were all very friendly, positive, kind and talkative in a good way, despite of the different ages.

Nevertheless, it began at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and dismissed at 4. Basically, it was a ‘three-hours’ event. I am honestly saying that those three hours were not enough. My humble soul of writing demanded for more. I hope that I can attend more knowledgeable events like this in the future. I staggeringly learnt a lot from it, and I was so blessed to have been surrounded with pleasant and positive people.

Regarding the event, there were two activities – Perhapsing and Writers’ Workshop. Perhapsing taught us to really know the characters in our story – basically it was to make sure that we ultimately understand the characters we’ve created in any story that we write, from A to Z.

The second activity was the Writers’ Workshop. This was like a sharing session, where at first, we were separated into two groups and were asked to write a story or anything, as long as we enjoyed the genre we had chosen. Then each and every one of us had to read it out loud and the people in the group would give comments on it. This activity had two parts to be exact – where at first we could write anything we would like to, while the second part was when we were given a title to write about, or just simply upgraded the writings we had done in the first part (if we didn’t want to write about the given title). For your information, the title was “My Life As A Rock”. I didn’t give it a go as at that particular time, my mind just couldn’t stop thinking about my story I had written during the first part of the activity. I attempted to write a story about the given title, yet it just didn’t go so smoothly.

Overall, it had been another highlight of my ups-and-downs life in 2015. I gained loads of new knowledge about writing and of course a very noteworthy experience of discovering new positive people and a nice place! In addition, I would like to express my gratitude to Heartwrite, for the encouragements and supports you had given to all of us – the soon-to-be-successful-and-delightful-writers!

Not to forget, thanks a zillion for organizing such a very advantageous event, Huwaida and Ying! The two strikingly gorgeous girls running Heartwrite! And thanks as well for the hospitality and for providing the notebook from Needs B Major. I’m so ecstatic to customize the black-coloured notebook with incredible lettering on its front cover and perhaps get some good stuffs from them as well! Humble Scents by Shakeeb Suhib might sound astounding, yes? Last but not least, the BND20 spent was all worth it!


Notebook From Needs B Major


P/S: I will post up the story I had written during the second activity of the Writers’ Jam on your one humble blog, Humble Scents! This is due to the fact that I received positive responses from those talented and dedicated writers who joined the Writers’ Jam. Are you excited? Because I am! Just stay tuned my humble readers!


Until next time,

Shakeeb S.



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