PBH3 – Purpose of Life

Peace be upon you, my beloved brothers and sisters.

Guess who’s back, back again in the blogging world! Truth to be told, I miss blogging, and not to forget my humble readers. Yes, I do miss all of you. I hope each and every one of you feel the same and are in a good condition. Thus, welcome to Humble Scents!

As stated in my last blog post, I was on a Soul’s Vacation, which had just ended not long ago – Monday, 7th December 2015. To be exact, let me just simply call it PBH3.


First of all, I would like to say Hamdan Lillah, for giving me the opportunity to join the camp. Without His help and will, I might not be able to taste the sweetness of the camp – PBH3. In addition, I thank the Syababurroja, Youth Team of Jame’ ‘Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque for organizing such an impressive and effective camp. Admittedly, it was my very first camp I had ever taken part in, but I’m really certain that it wasn’t my last one. More camps to go after this.

Some of you might be so keen to know what I feel after participating PBH3, am I right? Honestly, I feel tremendously calm and refreshed. My heart is at its calmest. May the feelings stay in the humble soul of mine. Not to neglect, I’m more than grateful to have joined PBH3, where I could make good friends (sahabah) and most vitally, I could gain loads of knowledge (‘ilm) and even noteworthy experiences. Also, I have to admit that I’m a bit miserable as it had already ended. Too much sweetness in it. Yet that doesn’t mean that my journey of struggling towards the light has stopped, rather it has just begun. Here’s to a better life.

Moreover, I can say PBH3 was one of the highlights of my life in 2015. Positive vibes were just everywhere. Added to that, the theme of PBH3 was Purpose of Life, thus the team prioritized more on it. What a spectacular theme I can say! It is no doubt that they succeeded to visualize the genuine and major purpose of every Muslim, through the activities and talks superlatively.

Alright, what was the theme again? That was it. Purpose of Life. Let us discuss about it, shall we?

Undoubtedly, every human must have a purpose or perhaps purposes of life. That includes Muslims. Our major purpose of life is to obey and worship the One and Only, Allahu ‘Azza Wajalla. This means we need to ultimately realize that we are just humans who are really dependent on the Almighty. Obeying and worshiping Allah include following what’s written in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Added to that, another purpose of our lives is to strive for the Jannatul Firdaus. Nevertheless, in order to get the best rewards from the most Gracious, we need to make sure that our lifestyles are the ones that are blessed by Him, according to what He mentioned in the Quran. That includes the way we cover our aurah, the way we limit our associations with the ajnabi, the food we eat and the list goes on.

Furthermore, as Muslims, we need to always remember the Almighty. It is a must for us to put Him in our humble hearts so that whenever we do something, we know and realize that He is always watching us. Anytime and anywhere, He is supervising us. As written in the holy Quran, we must as well respect and love our parents, in order to achieve the intended results in dunya and most significantly in akhirah. After all, when we’ve done all of those vital things, only for the sake of Allah, all we’ve to do is to think competently before making any action. Ask ourselves, is that something going to increase our iman and our rewards from the Almighty, or otherwise?

Here’s a plain question. Are we grateful to be Muslims?

Basically, everyone could’ve said, “I’m grateful to be a Muslim.” Well, who isn’t? Unfortunately, most of us don’t really show how grateful we are to be Muslims. That without doubt includes yours truly. We sometimes tend to forget that being grateful doesn’t just need sayings, but rather actions. Is it enough to show how grateful and thankful we are by just saying, “I’m grateful”? Action speaks louder than words, my brothers and sisters. Let’s now purify our hearts and show how grateful we are by following the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Check out this blog, there’s a spread about being grateful.

Here’s another simple question. Do you know that there is someone who unconditionally loves you?

Some of you might answer it with a yes and the rest might respond it with a no. The ones with a ‘yes’ answer might have imagined their parents, secret admires and so on. Well, that should be acceptable, but there is this one person who unconditionally loves not just you, but rather His ummah. That holy person goes by the name Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) – Rasulullah.

Indeed, Rasulullah (Peace Be Upon Him) really loves His ummah. Then, who are we to not even care to know Him through His stories and journey? Who are we to just recognize Him by the name Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)? Who are we to not even love Him as much as He does? Wake up dear ummah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)! It’s time to show our loves towards Rasulullah (Peace Be Upon Him) by following His Sunnah and by always remembering Him. Let’s bring back the golden age of Islam, my dear brothers and sisters.

Alright, let’s move to another serious topic. Solah.

During the camp, there was one talk that tackled about this major matter – Solah. Admittedly, it is a key to unlock a room that contains more good deeds that we can practice in our daily lives. There are so many rewards that we’ll receive if we do always take care of our Solah. A Muslim shall not be categorized as a successful person if he/she doesn’t perform the obligatory prayers properly. Take care of our solah, and inevitably Allah will take care of us, if He wills.

I assume that’s enough for now. For your information, I initially had drafted a blog post specially for PBH3 which consisted of about 2000 words roughly, I hadn’t finished it yet though. Then I thought it might be too long and boring. So here it is, the summary of the blog post exceptionally for PBH3! Sometimes, less is more.

Nonetheless, PBH3 had been an eye-opener for not just myself, but for all of the participants. All the happiness, enjoyment, lack of sleep, tears, happy tummies (yes, I need to compliment that the food was very good) were all worth it. Overall, it was such a motivational and a spiritual camp. I didn’t even regret joining it. May Allah always show us the right pathway for a brighter future. I hope this blog post will benefit each and every of you.


Yours humbly,

Shakeeb S.



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