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Greetings! It’s time for another blog post!

As I promised in my last blog post, I will be posting the story I had written during the second activity of the Writers’ Jam! Haven’t read it yet? Please do so before proceeding with this blog post of yours truly. Click here to read the blog post regarding the Writers’ Jam.

Initially, the PBH3 – Purpose Of Life was the major source of inspiration to myself, while attempting to write a story out of my comfort zone at that time. Praises be all to the Almighty, I received positive comments about my writing that I’m about to share to each and every one of you, my humble readers. For your information, I did upgrade it when I was home from that enticing event. And here’s the final outcome! Are you ready to read one of my masterpieces? If so, do have a pleasant time reading it!

What’s The Purpose Of Life?

It was six o’clock in the idyllic morning and myself was silently sitting on a rustic chair at the veranda of my treasured parents’ house. I was holding a white-coloured mug, and at the same time tasting the pleasure of a hot chocolate drink that I had served the soul of myself. All of a sudden, while I was looking at the birds flying freely in the magnificent sky, and reminiscing all those good memories and moments of my life, something crossed my mind. I then questioned myself. “What is the major purpose of life?” That was such a very serious question ever.

Predominantly, everyone could have said, “The purpose of life is to actually live the life you ultimately love and enjoy.” That should be acceptable and fine. Yet, there was this one purpose of life I currently was searching for, since forever. It felt a bit unfortunate to have not found the definite and exact answer for this doubt, at the age of 17. I was so keen to find out the answer.

Minutes passed and still, I remained totally questionable. That day was so rare that I could have thought of that particular thing. Then, I got myself shocked as I unintentionally had stopped sipping my mouth-watering hot chocolate drink. I hardly drank my morning hot drink that quick. Perhaps, my mind needed to be fuelled up at that time, as I had entirely consumed it by just thinking that one particular matter. That one serious matter to be exact.

I told myself then, “I might get the answer very soon.” Thus I walked into my home-sweet-home whose genuine owners were my parents, and started to prepare for a motivational and spiritual camp. While doing the preparation for my very first camp that I would be participating in, my heart spoke up to me. “You will find out the answer in the upcoming camp! That’s no doubt either. You will find the light after years of being locked in a super hideous dark room!” The enthusiasm to begin the journey had born in the soul of mine. I believed there must be a solution to this doubt in that camp. The main purpose of life was about to be revealed.

That’s it! I hope each and every one of you enjoy it. Bucket of thanks for the read! May Allah bless you.

Yours humbly,

Shakeeb S.

Heartwrite Gathered Writers!

A notebook and a pen – these are the most significant necessities of every writer. Some writers may say and mention that their entire lives are going to be so dejected with the absence of these two stuffs. Undoubtedly, writers can’t just store their masterpieces in their creative minds, rather it is a must for them to express it through their writing.

For your information, I am an avid lover of notebooks. I like to write anything on the blank pages of my fancy notebooks, and not to neglect, I used to even doodle here and there on every page of it in my colourful childhood life back then. That was when boredom unexpectedly struck. Since then, my passion in writing has grown. I begin to be serious in writing. One of the proofs is what I do right now – blogging.

Dealing with the matter of writing, I took part in an enticing event organized by Heartwrite, known as Writers’ Jam! For the first time, Heartwrite had gathered writers based in Brunei Darussalam in one productive event! It was magnificently held on the 12th December 2015, at a very unique place called Makers Space in Batu Besurat. That place was really breathtaking!

The main objective of this event was to let writers share knowledge, information and even experiences about writing. Praises be all to the Almighty, as from the Writers’ Jam, I could meet local writers from different genres of writing – poem, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, journalism and so on. They were all very friendly, positive, kind and talkative in a good way, despite of the different ages.

Nevertheless, it began at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and dismissed at 4. Basically, it was a ‘three-hours’ event. I am honestly saying that those three hours were not enough. My humble soul of writing demanded for more. I hope that I can attend more knowledgeable events like this in the future. I staggeringly learnt a lot from it, and I was so blessed to have been surrounded with pleasant and positive people.

Regarding the event, there were two activities – Perhapsing and Writers’ Workshop. Perhapsing taught us to really know the characters in our story – basically it was to make sure that we ultimately understand the characters we’ve created in any story that we write, from A to Z.

The second activity was the Writers’ Workshop. This was like a sharing session, where at first, we were separated into two groups and were asked to write a story or anything, as long as we enjoyed the genre we had chosen. Then each and every one of us had to read it out loud and the people in the group would give comments on it. This activity had two parts to be exact – where at first we could write anything we would like to, while the second part was when we were given a title to write about, or just simply upgraded the writings we had done in the first part (if we didn’t want to write about the given title). For your information, the title was “My Life As A Rock”. I didn’t give it a go as at that particular time, my mind just couldn’t stop thinking about my story I had written during the first part of the activity. I attempted to write a story about the given title, yet it just didn’t go so smoothly.

Overall, it had been another highlight of my ups-and-downs life in 2015. I gained loads of new knowledge about writing and of course a very noteworthy experience of discovering new positive people and a nice place! In addition, I would like to express my gratitude to Heartwrite, for the encouragements and supports you had given to all of us – the soon-to-be-successful-and-delightful-writers!

Not to forget, thanks a zillion for organizing such a very advantageous event, Huwaida and Ying! The two strikingly gorgeous girls running Heartwrite! And thanks as well for the hospitality and for providing the notebook from Needs B Major. I’m so ecstatic to customize the black-coloured notebook with incredible lettering on its front cover and perhaps get some good stuffs from them as well! Humble Scents by Shakeeb Suhib might sound astounding, yes? Last but not least, the BND20 spent was all worth it!

Notebook From Needs B Major


P/S: I will post up the story I had written during the second activity of the Writers’ Jam on your one humble blog, Humble Scents! This is due to the fact that I received positive responses from those talented and dedicated writers who joined the Writers’ Jam. Are you excited? Because I am! Just stay tuned my humble readers!


Until next time,

Shakeeb S.


PBH3 – Purpose of Life

Peace be upon you, my beloved brothers and sisters.

Guess who’s back, back again in the blogging world! Truth to be told, I miss blogging, and not to forget my humble readers. Yes, I do miss all of you. I hope each and every one of you feel the same and are in a good condition. Thus, welcome to Humble Scents!

As stated in my last blog post, I was on a Soul’s Vacation, which had just ended not long ago – Monday, 7th December 2015. To be exact, let me just simply call it PBH3.


First of all, I would like to say Hamdan Lillah, for giving me the opportunity to join the camp. Without His help and will, I might not be able to taste the sweetness of the camp – PBH3. In addition, I thank the Syababurroja, Youth Team of Jame’ ‘Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque for organizing such an impressive and effective camp. Admittedly, it was my very first camp I had ever taken part in, but I’m really certain that it wasn’t my last one. More camps to go after this.

Some of you might be so keen to know what I feel after participating PBH3, am I right? Honestly, I feel tremendously calm and refreshed. My heart is at its calmest. May the feelings stay in the humble soul of mine. Not to neglect, I’m more than grateful to have joined PBH3, where I could make good friends (sahabah) and most vitally, I could gain loads of knowledge (‘ilm) and even noteworthy experiences. Also, I have to admit that I’m a bit miserable as it had already ended. Too much sweetness in it. Yet that doesn’t mean that my journey of struggling towards the light has stopped, rather it has just begun. Here’s to a better life.

Moreover, I can say PBH3 was one of the highlights of my life in 2015. Positive vibes were just everywhere. Added to that, the theme of PBH3 was Purpose of Life, thus the team prioritized more on it. What a spectacular theme I can say! It is no doubt that they succeeded to visualize the genuine and major purpose of every Muslim, through the activities and talks superlatively.

Alright, what was the theme again? That was it. Purpose of Life. Let us discuss about it, shall we?

Undoubtedly, every human must have a purpose or perhaps purposes of life. That includes Muslims. Our major purpose of life is to obey and worship the One and Only, Allahu ‘Azza Wajalla. This means we need to ultimately realize that we are just humans who are really dependent on the Almighty. Obeying and worshiping Allah include following what’s written in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Added to that, another purpose of our lives is to strive for the Jannatul Firdaus. Nevertheless, in order to get the best rewards from the most Gracious, we need to make sure that our lifestyles are the ones that are blessed by Him, according to what He mentioned in the Quran. That includes the way we cover our aurah, the way we limit our associations with the ajnabi, the food we eat and the list goes on.

Furthermore, as Muslims, we need to always remember the Almighty. It is a must for us to put Him in our humble hearts so that whenever we do something, we know and realize that He is always watching us. Anytime and anywhere, He is supervising us. As written in the holy Quran, we must as well respect and love our parents, in order to achieve the intended results in dunya and most significantly in akhirah. After all, when we’ve done all of those vital things, only for the sake of Allah, all we’ve to do is to think competently before making any action. Ask ourselves, is that something going to increase our iman and our rewards from the Almighty, or otherwise?

Here’s a plain question. Are we grateful to be Muslims?

Basically, everyone could’ve said, “I’m grateful to be a Muslim.” Well, who isn’t? Unfortunately, most of us don’t really show how grateful we are to be Muslims. That without doubt includes yours truly. We sometimes tend to forget that being grateful doesn’t just need sayings, but rather actions. Is it enough to show how grateful and thankful we are by just saying, “I’m grateful”? Action speaks louder than words, my brothers and sisters. Let’s now purify our hearts and show how grateful we are by following the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Check out this blog, there’s a spread about being grateful.

Here’s another simple question. Do you know that there is someone who unconditionally loves you?

Some of you might answer it with a yes and the rest might respond it with a no. The ones with a ‘yes’ answer might have imagined their parents, secret admires and so on. Well, that should be acceptable, but there is this one person who unconditionally loves not just you, but rather His ummah. That holy person goes by the name Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) – Rasulullah.

Indeed, Rasulullah (Peace Be Upon Him) really loves His ummah. Then, who are we to not even care to know Him through His stories and journey? Who are we to just recognize Him by the name Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)? Who are we to not even love Him as much as He does? Wake up dear ummah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)! It’s time to show our loves towards Rasulullah (Peace Be Upon Him) by following His Sunnah and by always remembering Him. Let’s bring back the golden age of Islam, my dear brothers and sisters.

Alright, let’s move to another serious topic. Solah.

During the camp, there was one talk that tackled about this major matter – Solah. Admittedly, it is a key to unlock a room that contains more good deeds that we can practice in our daily lives. There are so many rewards that we’ll receive if we do always take care of our Solah. A Muslim shall not be categorized as a successful person if he/she doesn’t perform the obligatory prayers properly. Take care of our solah, and inevitably Allah will take care of us, if He wills.

I assume that’s enough for now. For your information, I initially had drafted a blog post specially for PBH3 which consisted of about 2000 words roughly, I hadn’t finished it yet though. Then I thought it might be too long and boring. So here it is, the summary of the blog post exceptionally for PBH3! Sometimes, less is more.

Nonetheless, PBH3 had been an eye-opener for not just myself, but for all of the participants. All the happiness, enjoyment, lack of sleep, tears, happy tummies (yes, I need to compliment that the food was very good) were all worth it. Overall, it was such a motivational and a spiritual camp. I didn’t even regret joining it. May Allah always show us the right pathway for a brighter future. I hope this blog post will benefit each and every of you.


Yours humbly,

Shakeeb S.


Soul’s Vacation

He woke up today! There’s nothing better to say than Alhamdulillah. To start with, it has been 5 days since my first ultimate blog post. And here’s to the third one of it!

Alright, what’s the topic again? You’re right. Soul’s Vacation.

As it is the twelfth and the last month of the year, lots of people might have planned a decent vacation. That’s not excluding me. I do also have my own vacation. It’s not literally for me, but rather for the soul of yours truly. Where is it going to be? The answer to this doubt is PBH3.

PBH3 is a short form for Perkhemahan Belia Harapan 3It is held by the Syababurroja of Jame’ ‘Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque. Not to mention, I would like to express my gratitude to this one kind friend of mine, for letting me know about this beneficial and spiritual programme.

For your information, this is my very first time taking part in such a vacation for the vital soul. I’m drastically excited, yet nervous at the same time. Added to that, I’m more than grateful to be included in the 110 youths who are also joining this programme, which will begin this afternoon, 4th December 2015 and will end on the 7th. Predominantly, it is a ‘4-days-and-3-nights’ programme.

Nonetheless, Humble Scents will be inactive for 4 days. May the programme be so advantageous! I hope to get back in the blogging world soon, with loads of stories and experiences to share, from the PBH3. So do you have any vacation this December? Or perhaps a soul’s vacation?



Until next time,

Shakeeb S.

Many Happy Returns!

Praises be all to the Almighty, who had given me the chance to wake up this morning, on the date when my mom once struggled and sacrificed her life just to give birth to the humble one who is right now writing the most special and authentic blog post of Humble Scents. I thank you for all the sacrifices since the first day I existed in your precious life, my dearest and beaut mom. May Allah reward you with the best rewards. Not to neglect, infinite thanks to the most Gracious one for lending me another chapter of life.

Dealing with the topic, a rhetorical question crossed the mind of myself. Who doesn’t like birthday? I am fairly sure that everyone must like or even love their birthday! And that everyone doesn’t exclude me. When it comes to December 1, I vigorously become so enthusiastic! There is always one identical moment that occurs every year, since I unlocked the new door of Shakeeb’s life – teenage door. That moment is when I recalled back my childhood life, where my loved and treasured parents celebrated their one and only son’s birthday. Those birthday parties, spectacularly decorated by colourful and vibrant balloons, kids wearing fancy birthday hats and masks, and guests enjoyed eating mouth-watering and appealing birthday cakes, plus confetti scattering on the floor. The birthday parties were just so noteworthy and beyond perfect.

Today, the one whose birthday had been celebrated every year in his childhood journey, turns 17 years old! Greet him a happy birthday! He had just finished and completed his sixteenager journal. Finally, he survived the battles.

I can’t say it was a smooth-journal-writing, there were always obstacles and challenges along the way. The most hectic-chapter-of-life award goes to the sixteenager life. Most things didn’t turn out the way I desired. What I can conclude here is that the sixteenager life had taught me the genuine definition of life, love, friendship, sacrifice, trust, responsibility and the list goes on. There was just a lot of things and matters learnt from the past age. Basically, lessons learnt and things improved.

Nonetheless, as we all know, everyone has their own journal to complete every single year, so do I. The seventeenager journal of mine is humbly prompt to be written on. I will drastically make sure that the new age of mine will be better than the past ones and will be the best out of the best! Let me begin it with a Basmalah.


“In the Name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful”

May the seventeenager life be showered with His infinite blessings. Thank you a bunch for the birthday greetings and prayers everyone! Each and every one of you made my birthday a lot merrier!

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With humble regards,

Shakeeb S.