Humble Scents’ Writing

Greetings! It’s time for another blog post!

As I promised in my last blog post, I will be posting the story I had written during the second activity of the Writers’ Jam! Haven’t read it yet? Please do so before proceeding with this blog post of yours truly. Click here to read the blog post regarding the Writers’ Jam. Continue reading


Heartwrite Gathered Writers!

A notebook and a pen – these are the most significant necessities of every writer. Some writers may say and mention that their entire lives are going to be so dejected with the absence of these two stuffs. Undoubtedly, writers can’t just store their masterpieces in their creative minds, rather it is a must for them to express it through their writing. Continue reading

PBH3 – Purpose of Life

Peace be upon you, my beloved brothers and sisters.

Guess who’s back, back again in the blogging world! Truth to be told, I miss blogging, and not to forget my humble readers. Yes, I do miss all of you. I hope each and every one of you feel the same and are in a good condition. Thus, welcome to Humble Scents!

As stated in my last blog post, I was on a Soul’s Vacation, which had just ended not long ago – Monday, 7th December 2015. To be exact, let me just simply call it PBH3. Continue reading

Many Happy Returns!

Praises be all to the Almighty, who had given me the chance to wake up this morning, on the date when my mom once struggled and sacrificed her life just to give birth to the humble one who is right now writing the most special and authentic blog post of Humble Scents. I thank you for all the sacrifices since the first day I existed in your precious life, my dearest and beaut mom. May Allah reward you with the best rewards. Not to neglect, infinite thanks to the most Gracious one for lending me another chapter of life. Continue reading