Commencement of Humble Scents!

Woots woots! A brand new blog registered on WordPress!

First things first, praises be all to Allah for this opportunity. Also, exceptional thanks to the ones who gave me a great deal of encouragement to creating a blog. You know who you are.

No one can ever doubt that 2015 has been a vast comeback year for most matters – fashion, style, photography, and not to forget, the world of blogging! So I wouldn’t want to miss the chance to be on the same track as others. I’m not uttering that I want to be a super-perfect copycat. It’s just the fact that I don’t want to be categorized as the ‘ketinggalan zaman’ ones, as quoted by most Bruneians.

To tackle about the world of blogging, I started to blog when I was in my 156th month of living. If you do the maths, that was about years ago. I wasn’t a great blogger, nor good, back then. And now, here it is, Humble Scents makes its existence! Someone is tremendously ecstatic! And for sure that someone is the one who is typing right now, just to finish the first ultimate blog post of Humble Scents.

I bet some of you (humble readers) want an insignificant ice-breaking session of Humble Scents, don’t you? And… Tadaaa! Here you go!


Blog Domain

The So-Called-Blogger’s Name

Shakeeb Suhib

His Age

As of December 1, 2038, he will be turning 40 years old.

His Job/Work

He is a student in a pre-university, running Ultimet and pretending to be a stunning blogger. And he is undoubtedly a great failure in fashion. His full-time job is being a servant of the Almighty.


I think that’s it for the ice-breaking session of your one humble blog, Humble Scents.

In addition to this blog post, I will release the ‘Dome Of Islam’ Series very soon. But first, enjoy the teasers!



That marked the commencement of Humble Scents! May the journey be as great as it could be and be blessed by Him.

Bucket of thanks for paying a visit dear humble readers! I really appreciate the humble support. Plus, feel free to browse through a visual journal of mine on Instagram and Twitter @shakeebsuhib.


P/S: Do look forward to the next post of Humble Scents! Tantalizing thing awaits you! Stay tuned!


Until next time,

Shakeeb S.